Just as the combined effort of the roots and trunk of a tree ensures growth and stability, Poplar Academy believes that every child, with the correct support and guidance, can grow into a proud and confident individual.

What do we offer?


Poplar Academy Centre for Early Learning incorporates the Brain Boosters Program as well as Lego Education. The teacher to child ration is 1:7 with a maximum of 14 learners per class…

Primary School

The Gr.R to Gr.3 group follow the Cambridge curriculum. Sensory play and the Brain Boosters program make up a big part of the Gr.R program. Sciences and history are included…

Intermediate to FET

Poplar Academy is a British Associate school and offers the Cambridge school leavers certificate as an exit point. A variety of interesting and relevant subjects are offered…


At Poplar Academy, our Cambridge trained teachers have access to the full teacher support platform and support material to ensure engagement with content at the highest level.

What people say about us:

“I think Poplar Academy is a great school! I think this because the teachers are always friendly and willing to help if you struggle. There is always a bucket load of activities you can participate in such as the Blarefees and the school birthday. The office ladies are always open for hugs which I extremely enjoy. The principal will always assist you when you need it and is a very lovely person. These are reasons I LOVE Poplar Academy.”

Aimee Naude (Grade 5)

“Poplar has been our children’s home away from home for the past 7 years. Poplar lives up to being ” Simply Different”. More than school, more learner orientated than curriculum based, compassionate and responsive. The curriculum was never presented as an overwhelming or intimidating mass of information. Fun was always included in the calendar to include community involvement and socializing.
We have seen our girls blossom at school. Every parent’s wish!”

Lizelle & Pierre Naude

“We joined the Poplar family nearly three years ago. I say family as Poplar Academy is warm, nurturing and welcoming. The teachers are competent, supportive, yet firm. While children are encouraged to express their individualism and creativity, there is a healthy balance of discipline. The school is regularly maintained and upgraded. We believe our girls are getting a good education as they are thriving academically and are developing emotionally.”

Robynne & Stephen Shields

“In a world where we increasingly need to prioritise love, family, fun and thinking outside of the box … all the while nurturing local-global citizens – we were delighted to discover Poplar Academy! A growing, all inclusive landing place, Poplar brought out the best in our two boys: heart, mind and soul. We loved the small classes, progressive thinking of the leadership, care for the community and of course the potential that the Cambridge curriculum offers our boys for the future.
We LOVE Poplar Academy!”

Mandy Popelka

a message from the principal’s desk

Poplar Academy can be summed up in two words, namely ‘Simply Different’. But what does this mean to us and potentially to you, our most valued prospective learner and alumni?

As a co-educational and parallel medium independent school (Cambridge Curriculum), situated in the heart of Crowthorne (Midrand), we offer a foundation rooted in knowledge, yet upholding an equally strong supportive and nurturing environment that encourages sustainable self-confidence and whole-person effectiveness in terms of respectfully minding myself- and others, as well as what we need to achieve academically and non-academically, both in our school environment and community at large.

We value your interest in us and should you like what you see or hear, you are invited to put us to the test by completing a free trial with us. Some things are better experienced than explained…

Dr. Wikus Naude

Principal, Poplar Academy

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